#222 The last supper !

What was this piece of document all about ?

De classified documents of project MKULTRA

Cracked by Nakul, Anurag and rumbler

#221 Birdie !

Which Iconic work connnects ?

The iconic work that connects is Edgar Allan Poe's " THE RAVEN"!!

Cracked by Captain, Abhiram, Nakul, Amith, Malcaluffin and Rumbler


Peninsular Quizzing circle presents "Mind Bend '09 "- Open Quiz & School quiz

Venue: Madhavaraja Club , English Church Road, Palakkad

Date: October 31st 2009

School Quiz

Prize money worth Rs. 2000 and other prizes.

Prelims starting at 9:30 AM

Quizmaster :Rohit G Jayaraman , 3rd year student , NLSIU -Bangalore

Open Quiz

Prize money worth Rs. 10 , 000 /-

Open to all !!

Prelims starting at 12:30 PM

Quizmaster : Myself :)

No blog updates till the quiz.

See ya all there!

Question # 220 - Phoosh...

What's A got to do with B?



Question # 219 - Booda ho gaya main.

What's with the flags ? B is the clue to work this out .


Sir Horatio Nelson's(B) famous signal "England expects every man to do his duty" using flags flying on top of HMS Victory during the bi centenary of Battle of Trafalgar.

Cracked by Malcaluffin and Captain.

Question # 218 - Psycho. Sam .

217 open for another day.

B ,with a little assistance from A , did a favor to the literary world. C is a big clue, if u can identify.

Identify A , B and what they did.




Christopher Tolkien (B) , the youngest son of J . R . R Tolkien , took a little assistance from Guy Gavriel Kay (A ) to complete JRR's work "The Silmarillion" in 1977.

The band is Marillion and got their name from the book !

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik and Hadi.

Question # 217 - and it doesnt stop.

Tribute , more of them .

Just tell me what connects them .

Roger Hunt ,Ian Rush and Gordon Hogdson - All time top goal scorers for Liverpool FC

Cracked only by Abhiram ! Salute!

Question # 216 - and more..

Symbols of?

They are all signs used to represent pharmacies.

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik, Hadi and Jobin! :)

Question # 215 - Xtra Special.

It was A who named X in honor of B. C is a clue. Identify A, B and X for full credits.




Captain James Cook (A ) named Sandwich Islands , currently "HAWAII" , to honor John Montague , 4th Earl of Sandwich , the man behind the concept of ' Sandwich '.
Third visual shows a 'Sandwich' board.

Hawaii.. hmm.. :)

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik, Hadi and Malcaluffin( Nice to have ya back buddy!)

Question # 214 - It's all about money !!

Identify the person pictured. Explain his contribution to the field he is synonymous with .

Second and third visuals are the clues.

Kanwal Rekhi , The man behind "Silicon Valley" .

The second pic shows IIT-B main building which has an IT building named after him . Third pic shows logo of NetManage , for which he served as director for long time .

Cracked by Captain ( It's ok captaine , U have a big lead! )

Question # 213 - :) ...

Question 212 is also open !! Updating 213 early.

What connects these athletes?

Spanish Golfer Sergio Garcia and baseball star Hanley Ramirez are both nicknamed "El Nino"- a nickname more popularly associated with Fernando Torres.

Uncracked !! :(

Question # 212 - Silence.

What connects these good looking men?

George Sanders, Val Kilmer , Jean Marais and Ian Ogilvy have all portrayed the role of Simon Templar of ' The Saint ' series.

Cracked by Rithwik and Captain.

Question # 211 - Boom Boom !!

Just connect. Hopefully an easy one.

FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list - 6 of them shown. 3 captured and the remaining man would be a certain Osama Bin Laden .

Cracked by Captain, Hadi and Rithwik

Question # 210 - base...weak?

Connect cheeyu. :)

As u guys said, yes. Nobel prize it is!! Cracked by Hadi, Captain, Rithwik...

Question # 209 - grim

What connects them ?

All of them had deaths caused by Small pox. Cracked by Chandrakanth, Rikky, Hadi and raklodrama.

Question # 208 - Those childhood days..

Who was modeled on them ?

Indiana Jones

T.E Lawrence , Hiram Bingham III , Giovanni Batista Belzoni and Roy Chapman Andrews along with few others were inspirations behind the character "Indiana Jones" !!

Cracked by Hadi, Rithwik and Vineesh(Via email)

Question # 207 - :(

Not doing well today. Hence, just putting a simple question.

Who is missing ?

Dr Venkatraman Ramakrishnan , the missing one , shared the Nobel prize for Chemistry (2009) with Thomas A. Steitz of Yale University and Ada E. Yonath of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

Good job Rithwik !!