MindBend '08-- Unused Content (Answers Out)

Try answering this set of questions which was framed for MindBend '08 but could not be used .

It will be open till Nov 3rd, 2008 , 18:00 Hours

1.In 1982, at the young age of 22, an Indian architect landed an assignment with the Italian edition of Fashion magazine `Vogue' on Rajasthani jewelry. This young girl went on to act in 2 movies: `In which Annie gives it those ones' and `Massey Sahib'. Who is she? ( Even Siddarth Basu acted in the second one!)

Ans: Arundhathi Roy

He was born as Robert Allan Zimmerman in Minnesota in 1945. Known more as a musician , he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature several times. His songs “Blowing in the wind” and “The times they are changing” were anthems of Civil rights movements . His record bank includes the Grammy, Academy and Golden Globe awards apart from being in Rolling stone’s list of “100 greatest artist of all times”. Who is he?

Ans: Bob Dylan

3.Founded by a former governor and Business man along with his wife in 1885 in memory of their dead 16 year old son,.this university has grown to become one of the biggest in the world. Name it.

Ans: Stanford University

4.This popular game series developed originally by Distinctive Software, a company based in Canada which had already created games like Stunt and Test Drive II..The series started in 1992.

Ans: The NFS Series( Need for Speed)

5.The Aubrey Holes, named after the 17th century antiquarian John Aubrey are 56 pits laid out in a circular fashion. Near which man made landmark would you come across them?

Ans: You will find them near STONEHENGE


Identify the type of Indian Painting
Ans: Warli Painting


An English rock band got its name from an English Football Club since their members were ardent fans of the club. This is perhaps the only band getting its name from a football club. Give me the name of the band specifically.

Ans: Simply Red from Manchester United

8. Living in a time of great social upheaval, he rebelled against the religious and political consensus by proposing an unusual and uncompromising approach to the Christian faith. He has been imprisoned for blasphemy in 1650. His followers are also known as “Friends” though they are popular by another name. Who am I talking about?

Ans: George Fox, "Friends" was the other name for "Quakers"

9.Popularly known as the National poet of Bangladesh, he has served the Indian Army and also worked as a journalist in Kolkata. He was a revolutionary in the freedom movement preaching it through his poems such as “Bhangar Gaan”, “Bidrohi” etc. Who is this musician/ poet/ revolutionary/ philosopher in question?

Ans: Kazi Nazrul Islam

10.This soft science fiction novel written by Lois lowry in 1993 sold more than 3.5 million copies and the won the 1994 Newbery medal. It forms a trilogy with
the novels Gathering Blue(2000) and Messenger(2004). Regarded widely as a subject material inappropriate for young children, Which is this novel?

Ans: The Giver

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