Question# 24 a new beginning

hi i'm the co author of this blog and this is the first question i post under my name...
so technically my first question..

so its a sitter this time just give what or who connects all the pics given below...briefly tell hw each pic is connected to theme....

the answer is Sir Richard Attenborough
chelsea - he was a president of chelsea fc for some time and also a patron
Jurssic parl and shatranj ke khiladi he acted in those movies
Mousetrap - he played the lead role in the original cast of this play

cracked fully by captain and jyothi

N B:tomorrow being new year eve no questions will be posted!!


Question # 23 -- Spoofzzzzzz....!

A(pic 1), a journalist, famous blogger and also a Science fiction author, is seen wearing goggles and capes in what is something unusual when he was receiving an award in 2007. A was spoofing on something in B. C(pic 2) is the brainchild behind B .

Identify A, B and C.

A:- B:-

A: Cory Doctorow, Canadian Blogger, journalist and science fiction author
B: XKCD Webcomics
C: Randall Munroe, Creator of XKCD

cracked partially by manjith
-- Vikas

Question # 22 - Map :-)

Due to unavoidable circumstances todays question is posted a bit early....
so question 22 will be open for one more day...

This is the ancient map of a city in Europe which gave a commonly used item it's name. Which is the city and which object got its name from this city?

this one goes uncracked!!!
Map of City of Genoa, Genoa was responsible for giving Jeans its name

Question #21 -- Vi Veri Vivacious!

What is common to these four movies?

the connect is all are works of alan Moore made into movies

cracked fully by manjith and jyothi good try by captain and sriram


Question #20-- No school time joke!

Who is the creator of these rare paintings? No, it isnt Me!! :)

All are paintings by Adolf Hitler
this one cracked by sreeram majith and captain


Question #19 -- ENT MANIA!

ID and connect these four pop singers.

Pic 1- Nancy Sinatra
Pic 2- Rita Coolidge
Pic 3- Sheryl Crow
Pic 4- Alicia Keys
They have all sung theme songs of Bond movies, Alicia keys being the latest doing it in Quantum of Solace.
cracked almost fully by captain....


Question #18 - Merry X'mas!!

Wishing all the readers of my blog a Merry X'mas!! Let this X'mas bring more joy and fun than ever before! :-), Enjoy! Rock on!!

The three paintings are about something quiet famous when u think of Christmas! What is being shown?

paintings depicting Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future from the book "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
cracked by captain and jyothi

Question #17 -- Bah!

All three have done something similar in different periods of time. What?

ID them as well.

They are the actors who played the role of Ebenezeer Scrooge in "Scrooge" over 3 different years - 1935, 1951 and 1970.
Seymour Hicks in 1935, Alastair Sim in 1951 and Albert Finney in 1970.
cracked fully by sreeram good try by viswas bhai....

Question #16 -- Books tease you!

Who connects all the following books( The list is incomplete) ?

Akira Kurasowa's movies are based on these books and a few more Like The Idiot , Hamlet !
Forgot to mention fully cracked by captain and jyothi

Question #15- Ladies do Smoke!

The Good looking lady is a noted writer and director who became famous for a particular work of hers. It got adapted into a movie shown by the second pic which is based on happenings at a place(pic 3) which has the same name as the movie/book. Id her and the work of hers .

Cracked Fully by Manjith, SreeRam!

Captain, Sorry about posting the pic enlarged lately, but then I dont think that u can read japanese! :-)

Answer: Marjane Satrapi, Author of the graphic novel/book PERSEPOLIS , Which got adapted into an animated English movie "Persepolis" (Nominated for coming Oscar) which is based on life of an Iranian girl in the city of Persepolis, former capital of Persia.

--- Vikas

Question # 13- Hawt! :)


Person in PIC 1 has played a major role in the life of people in PIC 2, PIC 3 and PIC 4. ID and Put Funda.

Went UNCRACKED!! My win! :)

Pic 1 is Simon Fuller, the Creator of various TV shows notably American Idol, Indian Idol, So you think you can dance etc. He was one of the 100 most influential people in TIME's list.

Pic 2- Claudia Schiffer, The world famous model
Pic 3- Victoria Beckham(Former Spice girl) and David Beckham(Footballer)
Pic 4- Kelly Clarkson, Pop Singer, First ever American Idol

Importance: He is the manager of all these artists . His company 19 recordings has released all of kelly's albums and also used to produce albums of Spice Girls.
He was the man responsible for Beckham's transfer to LA Galaxy. He also created Beckham's fashion label DVB and has been globally representing Claudia !!

Question #14-- Memories....

This is the current completion status of an "on construction island development" in Europe which will be opened in 2012 . What is the name given to this place?


Uncracked again!! Nobody is getting too interested yet! I'm waiting!! :-)
This is the place called "Titanic Quarter" at Belfast built to commemorate Titanic which Sunk in 1912 and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012. Clue was Titanic Memorial at Belfast.

Points to me AGAIN!!

Question #12-- Getting Sporty...

Identify the three individuals and connect! The Visuals are full of clues! :)

Cracked by Captain and Manjith!!
Pic 1- Li Ning, Chinese Gymnast
Pic 2- Niklos Kaklomanakis, Greek Windsurfer
Pic 3- Cathy Freeman, Aussie athlete
Connect: They lit the Olympic cauldrons in 2008,2004 and 2000 Olympics respectively.

Question #11-- Hardcore ENTERTAINMENT!!

Easy one from world of Entertainment for the day!!

Pic 1 is the banner(1983 is just random!) of a particular festival which has been running for more than 40 years. ID the fest

Pic 2 is ofcourse the evergreen artist..ID.

Pic 3 is of an American Rock n roll band which was quite famous once upon a time.

Now, the combination of the three pics gave rise to something we all know-- What? Perhaps pic 4 could serve as a clue, its a record being achieved.
Fully Cracked by Captain Chandrakant, Manjith got pic 2 right! (that's 1/4 this time!! n correction- 3/4 last time)
Quoting Captain's answer
1 - Montreux jazz fest
2 - Frank Zappa
3 - So , obviously The Mothers of Invention (Frank Zappa was in this band too! Check the pic!)
4 - Guessin that the record being attempted is for max no. of guitarists playin simulataneously n d song must be 'smoke on d water'
Connect-- "Smoke on the water" by Deep Purple , one of the most popular songs eva was inspired by the smoke that spread over Lake Geneva when FZ and Mothers of invention were performing at Jazz fest and the place caught fire! Co Incidentally, Deep Purple were practicing on the banks of lake Geneva.

Question #10

Identify the man on the right with Obama . What is his connection with the lady in Pic 2? Pic 3 is a clue to reach the connection! :) . Identify all three, give the connect

Half cracked by Manjith...Good work!

Man on the right is Senator Ted Edward kennedy, brother of John F kennedy.

The lady is Mary Jo Kopechene who was killed in the Incident called CHAPPAQUIDDICK Incident which took place at the island Chappaquiddick in Massachussets.

Correction from Manjith, Sorry folks!
Robert lost his presidential bid (1968) coz he was assassinated during the primaries. The chappaquiddick incident happened after Robert's death and led to Ted aborting a possible bid in 1972. Senator swam to safety, but she died and Ted did not even care helping her or letting anyone know.

So the funda is the Chappaquiddick Incident

Question #9

Very Simple one for the day.

Pic 1 is a place where a very famous event happened ! The 2nd pic will help you get to the place.


PIC 1: Dakota Building , NY where Lennon was shot
Pic 2: Mark David Chapman who assasinated Lennon

Cracked by Captain, Viswas, Jobin, Sreeram and Manjith.

Thanks for the encouraging words Viswas Bhai! :)