Question # 223 - .. Guess whose back ??? :)

Let's just start on a desi note !

Connect these individuals .. You should get this one if you can identify any of them :)

Connect: 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' or 'Ek Sur' , the famous song first launched during the Independence day 1988 telecast on DD , which was relaunched in a new version on the occassion of 60th Republic day .

They are Piyush Pandey (lyricist) , Kailash Surendranath ( Director of both editions) and Louis Banks ( composer for both the editions) .

Good work Ameya , Kaushik and Kamal Rathi !!


Resurfacing ..

Hello folks !!

First things first , To all the lovers of the blog.. Sorry for the break , I got tied down by the very deadly drug of laziness and hence could not keep the blog rolling . After a 2 month hiatus, the daily quiz blog of the Peninsular Quizzing Circle shall resurface tomorrow and will be authored by , yours truly, itself. :)

The scoring system shall be same as that was followed since the start of season 2. I'm sure all of you will extend your support , co-operation and love in making season II .. bigger and better .

So, See you all tomorrow , The First of FEBRUARY , 2010 !

Yours truly,

Vikas Plakkot