Question # 88 - From a friend!

This question comes from one of the young guns in quizzing, Rithwik K


  • Clyde W Tombaugh, Discoverer of Pluto
  • Venetia Burney, the kid who named Pluto
  • New Horizons- launched to study Pluto and its moon closely
Connect: PLUTO

Cracked by Ajay, Johny Walker and Nakul- Better luck next time DD :-)

Question # 87- Think WIDE!!

Explain and Connect- worth 2 points!

  • St. George slaying the dragon- Commemorative coin >> St. Georges Park, Port Elizabeth
  • Cecil Rhodes, Founder of De Beers diamond company >> De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley
  • The movie SAHARA >> Sahara Kingsmead , Durban
  • Mercedes Benz- M class >> Mercedes Benz Cricket ground or the Buffalo Park, East London
  • Springbok, symbol of South Africa >> Springbok park, Bloemfontein
  • Centurion, a type of warrior >> Centurion Park, Pretoria
  • The early attempt at periodic table called Newlands Octaves >> Newlands, Cape Town
  • The Wandering Jew / The Wanderer >> Wanderers, Johannesburg
Connect : The 8 stadiums signed in for IPL Season II!!

Nobody got the Funda- Abhiram was nearly there, Rithwik did some ID well !

- V I K

Question # 86 - Love is War!!

All the given pictures are related to one particular event, What? Each of the given pic had attained fame in one way or the other!

1. The Tank Man, the famous photograph of a man stopping the march of a few tanks at Tiananmen Square in 1989

2. The War memorial of Tiananmen Square protests at Warsaw, Poland

3. The painting called "Execution" based on the Tiananmen Square protests

4. The goddess of Democracy statue erected by students of fine arts academy in Tiananmen Square during the protests- The replica of statue is present even near the White house.

Connect: Tiananmen Square Protests

Cracksters: Mayur, Rithwik, Confused Dreams(Welcome!) n Ajay

- V I K

Question # 85 -- Numero Uno?

Toppers- Rank 1 , 2 and 3 in what? Identify as well.

  • The Fifth Avenue , NY
  • Champs de Elysses, Paris
  • Causeway bay , Hong kong
They are the proficiency holders in "Most expensive shopping areas"! :-)

Cracked by Rithwik fully , I'll give it to ajay as well (Dunno whether its costly to rent a house! :D)

- V I K

Question # 84 -- PickBrain! :D

Sorry to all commerce/humanities quizzers - haha! Can you connect these pics?



A- This is a sprinkler device called the Feynman inverse sprinkler- the direction in which an inverse sprinkler would rotate was a famous debate to which Feynman had provided many answers in his autobiography, Surely, You're joking Mr.Feynman!

B-The very famous Feynman Diagram which defines the Quantum field theory , a theory which is proving every law of Newton and everything yet in Physics wrong!

C-Such a thing is called a Flexagon, and was found by Arthur Stone- His colleagues included the legendary Richard Feynman who started the Princeton Flexagon committee, made a mathematical theory to represent a flexagon, and also invented a diagram for analysing it! The process shown here is one to reveal all faces of a flexagon called Tuckerman Traverse.

D- The Feynman Checkerboard or Relativistic Chessboard model was Richard Feynman's sum-over paths formulation for a free spin 1/2 half particle moving in one direction.

Richard Feynman is considered the most famous scientist after Albert Einstein ever. He was in the infamous Manhattan project which made the first ever atomic bomb and also in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster probe committee.


Uncracked, Un attempted- Guess it was a blinder !! :-)

- V I K

Question # 83 - Rock ONN!!

Connect these new age folks from the Bollywood industry!!

No points for guessing- They are Imran Khan , Farhan Akthar and the choroeographer Sandip Soparrkar (who is in the news for not just choroeographing Britney Spears' Womanizer video, but is also rumoured to be her current boyfriend- Lucky chap!! ) !

Connect: The controversial play centered on women "The Vagina Monologues"
Imran Khan became the first male ever to act in the play - The 200th show featured a poem reading session by Farhan Akthar and also a dance number choroeographed by Sandip Soparrkar ! Hence, Imran , Farhan and Sandip are the only men who have played a part in the popular play The Vagina Monologues (India edition)

Well done Abhiram and Mayur(welcome!) - Good work in ID Rohan(welcome!)

- V I K

Question # 82 - Classic Structures!!

What? Where? Why famous?

The Great Mosque of Djenne at Djenne in Mali - It is the largest mudbrick/adobe/clay building in this world - ironically situated in front of a local market!
Easy crack for ye guys- Captain, Rithwik, Ajay, Abhiram and Vineesh!

- V I K

Question # 81 - Only if i had given 1 more pic! :)

All you've gotta do is - as usual - " C o n n e c t "! :-)

A- Alfred lee loomis whose laboratory is situated in Tuxedo park and has a book on him named Tuxedo park
B - the song ta ra Boom de ay! .. was first used in the 1891 vaudeville show "The Tuxedo" , went on to become a smash hit and used worldwide, for example like in ads of Bromo Seltzer medicines.
C- The very popular Sailor Moon series character Mamoru Chiba whose alter ego is Tuxedo Mask!
D-Thanks to their black and white fur, these cats are called Tuxedo Cats because of their resemblance with a dinner jacket also known as Tuxedo . (PS: The cat shown here stayed in White house thanks to Chelsea Clinton! )

The keyword was thus "T U X E D O"

Cracked only by Rithwik( Good work !! ) but only half credits!

- V I K

Question # 80- Er? Eh? Yea? .. Hmm, Er?

A was the first to describe it, but the name is credited to B who saw it first in C . The best clue I can give you is D !! Identify A-D





A - Emil Kraeplin
B- Dr. Alois Alzheimer
C- Auguste Deter
D- Ferenc Puskas

Emil Kraeplin was the first person who described a disease like Alzheimer's disease though it got its name thanks to Dr. Alois Alzheimer who tracked Auguste Deter and established the disease.
Ferenc Puskas, the legendary Hungarian footballer is one of the victims of Alzheimer's disease.

Fully Cracked by Captain, Sandeep, Vigneshwar , Abhiram, Malcaluffin n Rithwik!!!

- V I K

Question # 79 -- Shh.. :P

Connect these beautiful ladies!!

Playboy Collectors' figure series are a series of dolls modeled after popular playboy playmates. Generally known as Playboy dolls, first one was launched @ Intl. Toy fair in NY in 2002. Standing 16 inches tall, the initial dolls in this series were modeled after these ladies:

  • Victoria Silvestdt
  • Karen McDougal
  • Dalene Kurtis
  • Ava Fabian
  • Marilyn Monroe
The dolls boasted features such as soft plastic skin, joint articulation for realistic movement and anatomically correct modelling.

I'm confused as to points distribution- only Ajay Parasuraman has cracked it fully.
Captain, Abhiram, Johny Walker ,Shibin Azad and Vineesh mentioned playboy and get 0.5 points each.

Question # 78- Take them forward!

Easy one for the day,

Who completes the list? Identify each one of them!! ( Sorry abou' the resolution of first pic, That's the best i could get!)

Frank O' Farrell , Tommy Docherty , Dave Sexton , Ron Atkinson were managers of Manchester United since 1970 , so the list gets completed if you add Sir Alex Ferguson!!

Cracked by Malcaluffin, Ajay , Abhiram, Vigneshwar and Rithwik !! Btw, Vineesh too, who being my brother was ignored inspite of lettin me kno da answer! :D
( Thanks Ajay ! , hopefully i can keep up the good work)

- V I K

Question # 77 - Splash the blood!!

0.45 caliber gun A shares its name with lots of other military equipments in the Americas and Britains! One such equipment is called A-B or just B after B , and its relatively new variant is called A-C or just C after C.

Identify A, B and C.




The gun is called M3 , which is also the name of an infantry tank - M3 Lee is named after General Lee (B) and its variant M3 Grant is named after Ulysses S. Grant(C)

Cracked by Abhiram, Malcaluffin and Rithwik(via e-mail)

-V I K

Question # 76- we are BACK!!

X , a blockbuster of late 20th century has plot similar to A and B - It also marked the last ever film of actors C and D.

Solve for the constants! :)





A Bug's life(X), the 1999 blockbuster animated movie is similar to the plots of Three amigos(A) and Akira Kurasowa's Seven Samurai(B). Madeline Kahn(C) and Roy McDowell(D) lend their voice in this movie, their last ever being part of in any movie.

Cracked by Rithwik, Sandeep and Abhiram!!

- Vikas