Concomiento '09- Coming up!

On March 3, a special edition called Concomiento '09 with 30 questions and lots of points at stake shall open - It will be open till March 18

No daily questions shall be uploaded during Concomiento '09. This is due to my university exams scheduled from March 3-18 .

Hope Concomiento '09 keeps all followers engaged!

Good luck!

Question # 74 - Repeatedly Same, M bored myself :D

A modeled himself for Cedric Gibbons to make the statuette for X - What Unique distinction does B hold with respect to X? Also ID.

Emilio Fernandez modeled himself naked for the Oscar Statuette.
Ellen DeGeneres, the highly popular TV host ( m a huge fan of the Ellen Degeneres show !! ) , is the first openly homosexual person to host the oscar!

Fully cracked by Abhiram and Sandeep!
Chandrakant, malcaluffin, Rithwik gets half credits.

- Vikas

Question # 73- Movie Mania

Easy one again,

A acted as X in a movie Y of the 1960's and repeated his role as X in another movie Z of 1980's for which he was much appreciated . Y was directed by B while Z was directed by C.

Another movie of B in the 1940's served as an inspiration for one of C's most popular movies of 1980's based on the life of D.

Identify A-D & X-Z




Paul Newman (A) played the role of Eddie Felson in The Hustler(X) directed by Robert Rossen(B) and The Color of Money(Y) directed by Martin Scorsese(C). Martin Scorsese made Raging bull based on the life of Jake La Motta(D) taking inspiration from Robert Rossen's 1940 movie Body and Soul

Answered by Abhiram, Rithwik, Sandeep and Vigneshwar!


Question # 72 - Take it Easy!

Very Simple, Connect!

From March 3- March 18, No Daily Questions will be uploaded thanks to my S3 university examination which being Calicut University is late and begins only now!

Instead, I will have a special edition called CONCOMIENTO 09 that shall keep you engaged for a long time! :)

George Bernard Shaw and Al Gore are the only people to have won both Nobel and Oscar.

Cracked by Vigneshwar, Rithwik, Captain and Ajay
- Vikas

Question # 71 - Old Fella!!

A was an American rock band who got their name from a book by X . A was adopted and managed by B , who was an amazingly famous man!
One of B's works Y featured C alone. D is a famous film-maker who married Z .
Z was notoriously famous for his involvement in Y though he was denied being its part by B in his book M.

Solve A,B,C,D,X,Y,Z ,M




Wonderful turn-out ! :)

The Velvet Underground & Nico (A) got their name from a book by Michael Leigh(X). Andy Warhol(B) was their manager . His work Blowjob(Y) featured Deveren Bookwalter(C) . Marie Menken(D) married Willard Maas(Z). Willard Maas was considered to be the man who gave DeVeren the fellatio , though it was denied by Andy Warhol(B) in his book POPism: Warhol Sixties(M).

Fully Cracked by Captain, Abhishek, Debasish, Rithwik, Abhiram . Surinderjeet Singh got just one wrong and he too gets full credits.
Manjith, Anarchist Rat, Vigneshwar and Lazy Ajay :) was almost there.

Btw, @ Ajay- They provide only these options, maybe they know its awesome! hehe!

- Vikas

Question # 70 - Biz!

A replaced B as the head of a company X . C is person who is regarded as the father of the city of Y. Apparently, X got its name from the former name of Y .

Solve for the unknown constants! :)



Charles W Goodyear(A) replaced Ho Ching(B) as the CEO of Temasek Holdings(X). C is Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles(C) who is the father of Modern Singapore. Former name of Singapore was Temasek. Ho Ching is the wife of current Singapore Prime Minister as well

Almost cracked by Abhishek(Welcome!) - You get full credits!

- Vikas

Question # 69- Back to what we talked already!

What is the claim to fame of all these buildings?

Rightly Said Captain

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Hotel Roosevelt, Grauman's Chinese Theater , Shrine Auditorium and Santa Monica Civic auditorium have all hosted academy awards.


Question # 68 -- Orsum !!

Today's question comes from my friend and a superb quizzer, Abhiram - One of many to come!

Really sorry for the delay in updating, was backpacking through Munnar !!! Pardon the absence!

The Flag of Honduras , Writer O.Henry and the book One Hundred years of Solitude !

Connect: Banana Republic

Explanation: The Term Banana republic was coined by O.Henry in his book "Cabbages and Kings" which was based on his stay in Honduras. One Hundred years of Solitude arrates the influences of a BANANA company's disproportionate influence on the local and national governments and the subsequent ruin it brings to the fictional town of Macondo, Colombia,an allusion to a banana republic.

Good try by Rithwik, But no credits!

Question # 67 -- Towards my passion...

What could possibly connect them?

Cracked only by Captain!

Nicknames of EPL teams

Magpie- NewCastle Utd, Potters- Stoke City , Toffees- Everton, Tigers- Hull City , Hammers- West Ham Utd, Black Cats- Sunderland

- Vikas

Question # 66 - B-eNT!

Connect A+B to C !! :)



A- Big - 1988 Tom Hanks Comedy
B- Boom! - 1968 Movie of Elizabeth Taylor

Big Boom is the new movie marketing division launched by Reliance Anil Dhirubai Ambani Group

Cracked by Abhiram(Congrats on Hat-tric!) , Rithwik, Debasish, Malcaluffin!

- Vikas

The Early MindBend '09 Proposal

Hey Folks!

October 11th, 2008 witnessed a milestone day in the quizzing history of Palghat with the formation of first ever quiz club - The Peninsular Quizzing Circle, the blog of which is now being viewed by all of you! :)

It marked the 1st edition of the annual quiz our club plans to carry out- called MindBend '08 with the theme of Enlight, Encourage , Enjoy! - The Quiz was a runaway success and was attended by students not just from the state of Kerala, but even from cross border Coimbatore and what more! Even Karnataka!

This time, we are gonna be back BIGGER and BETTER! If last year was an inter-collegiate quiz with prize money worth Rs. 6000/- and purely Online advertisements , This year we plan to conduct 2 quizzes totally worth Rs. 14,000/-!!

1. School Quiz - Worth Rs. 4000/-
2. Open Quiz- Worth Rs. 10,000/-

Posters, banners , Wallpapers, Videos will be available by April end on the Internet . The Quiz is proposed to be conducted on June the 13th , 2009!

All further details shall be updated!

Keep blogging- Blog winners shall walk away with prizes worth Rs. 750/- (1st and 2nd) and other goodies!

Question # 65 - A Longgg Visual Connect!

OMG ! Connect!

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades - Greek Gods
Isis, Ra , Set - Egyptian Gods
Odin, Thor, Loki - Norse Gods
Kronos, Oranos, Gaia- Atlantean Gods

The twelve of them are the 12 major gods in "AGE OF MYTHOLOGY" , heavily popular game!

Abhiram - Hats off!! :)

- Vikas

Question # 64 - Difference!

X, which got its name from A, happened to meet B closer than they should have and gave the world a scare! How??

Very well done Abhiram(Welcome to the blog!)

Iris(A) inspired the naming of Iridium(X) and Pic 2 shows Dutch Singer Valensia's album cover of "K.O.S.M.O.S"!

Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 - US and Russian satellites collided in space last week, which has happened for the first time in history.

- Vikas

Question # 63 - Give away!

A got its name thanks to the barber B went to! He he! Identify the band and explain!

Cracked by Captain , Quoting him

The B-52s named so after the hairdo which resembled the nose cone of a B-52 . The female leads of the band used to wear wigs of this style and thus the name .

- Vikas

Question # 62 - 1 to XX and counting!

A was the first and B the latest - Who? What?


Douglas Fairbanks Sr(A) and Jon Stewart (B) were the hosts of 1st and 80th(2008) Academy awards !

Uncracked! Yay!