Question # 49- Talent is all Blood work!

A is a man of many talents and is perhaps most remembered for his work B which took him 16 years. C is an academy award winning actress , seen portraying the role she got the most fame for. Apparently, C is the grand-daughter of A. Identify A, B and C.




(A) is Frank Lloyd Wright famous for his work Guggenheim Museum in NY . (C) is his grand daughter Anne Baxter , in the scene from The Ten Commandments.

Fully Cracked by Rithwik and Shibin Azad. Half Credits to Manjith.

-- Vikas

Question # 48 -- Think Deeeeep!

Simple hain- Sirf connect karne ka! :)

Nobody got the connect. Whatziznem got all 3 pics right- he gets full credits.
Good attempt by Debasish.
1) Sherlock Holmes , portrayed in a Soviet TV Series
2) The Dr. Watson debugger for Windows
3) Sigmund Freud- Psycho analyst
Connect is the Sherlock Holmes Pastiche , the book written by Nicholas Meyer called "The Seven percent solution" , the story of which is based on them.

--- Vikas

Question # 47 -- To the world u r in "NOW"!

Can you tell me what is the connection between these visuals? Explain.

No Guesses anywhere Near- Question remains a Virgin!! :D
1. Apollo , understandable by the python in his hand >>> APOLLO
2. The famous Enigma machine from the times of WW II >> ENIGMA
3. A fish called the "Seawolf" >> SEAWOLF
4. The father of Modern Art, Pablo Picasso >> PICASSO
5. Logo of Guinness ( Drinking is injurious to health! :D) >> GUINESS
Apollo, Enigma , Seawolf, Picasso, Guiness are various versions of REDHAT LINUX!
-- Vikas

Question # 46 - a simple LVC

Simple.... CONNECT!

The clubs are - Fulham FC , Ipswich Town FC, PSV Eindhoven, FC Porto, Sporting Lisboa, FC Barcelona
CONNECT : Clubs coached by Sir Bobby Robson- Newcastle United was the missing Club which could have made things easier.

-- Vikas

Question # 45- Art of a different kind

Where would you find these exquisite wall works? ( These are 4 amongst many)

Everyone got carried away by Sistine Chapel huh? Sorry, That's the twist here!
It's from a "mosque"-- the famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

Cracked only by Vigneshwar.


Question # 44 - WiSe :)

A is often nicknamed as X. B,C,D have all portrayed X in movies.

Identify X ( 0.5 points). Also identify A,B,C,D for full points (1 point) {1.5 points for the question}





Full Credits to Vigneshwar. Sandeep gets 1 point , Gud effort by Shibin.

Answer :

X: Harry Houdini, The Master Magician
A: Harry Redknapp, Manager of Tottenham Hotspurs in EPL
B: Tony Curtis
C: Paul Micheal Glaser
D: Norman Mailer

-- Vikas

Question # 43 - young GUN!

Today's question comes from one of the young guns in the Kerala quizzing circuit, Rithwik Kallandy . You can check his blog HERE

A was the first reciepent of B which was named after C

C was also the inspiration for the central character of X written by Y.

Identify A,B,C,X and Y.




Went Uncracked... Too tough perhaps? :)

A- William Klien
B- Prix Nadar, an award in photography
C- Nadar, a famous French photographer
X- From Earth to Moon
Y- Jules Verne

Question # 42 - Space Tech!

A, which shares its name with B is the first ever vehicle that serves a specific purpose. What? Give the name as well.



The Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite or GOSAT, also known as Ibuki is the world's first satellite dedicated to green house gas-monitoring, which will be used to measure densities of Carbon Dioxide and Methane from 56,000 locations on the Earth's atmosphere. It was launched from Tanegashima Space Centre , Japan on 23rd Jan 2009!!!!!

Sad to see NONE cracked this current affairs question !

Good attempt Rithwik...


Question # 41 - Sports ?! ? !

Link these visuals..

Cracked by Shibin Azad and Rithwik K ! Forgot to add Sandeep who mailed the answer.
Connect: LENOVO , who are the chief sponsors of Williamsf1 team, Designed the 2008 Olympics Torch and has Ronaldinho as their brand ambassador.

-- Vikas

Question # 40- Sitter...

A very easy Question for the day...

Identify the three of them and connect !! ( You could use the clue )

The CLUE.... :)

Unattempted !! :( I thought the question was eazy!!
They are Jimmie Fox( 2nd player ever to get 500 home runs in baseball ) , Max Mirnyi( Bhupathi's Doubles Partner) and Tendari Mtawarira( Famous rugby player of South Africa)
They are all nicknamed " THE BEAST" , The Clue was Barrack Obama as u can see referring to the name he put for his Limousine- THE BEAST . Julio Baptista of Real Madrid might have made the question easier.

Question # 39 - Criminology!

Pic 1: A Sprawling creature
Pic 2: A Unique Pic
Pic 3: View of something from Earth's Orbit

Connect !!

Hint: You should be reading newspapers and listening to more news! :)

Half Credits to Shibin Azad and Sandeep for their good try. Nice work Rithwik!
They are the Iguana, X-Ray( First Ever X ray actually) , Delta of the River Nile
Connect: Camp Iguana, Camp X-Ray and Camp Delta are the three main detention camps in GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba. It took media attention after being ordered to be closed down in an year and the trials of various 9/11 suspects be extended for 120 days. It was Barrack Obama's first ever act in office.
- Vikas

Question # 38 - Fittingly when Obama inaugurates..

A is a Pulitzer prize winning author whose award winning work was adapted into a movie. X made her first appearance in this movie and got nominated for the Academy awards straighy away.

B is also a Pulitzer prize winning author whose winning work was adapted into a movie in which X acted again and got recognition.

X was also the first ever receipent of the award instituted in the name of C.

Identify A,B,C and most importantly X.



Full Credits to Sandeep, Commendable Effort from Rithwik and Captain gets half credits...


A: Alicia Walker, Book - The Color Purple

B: Toni Morrison, Book- Beloved

C: Late Bob Hopes, Famous American actor and social activist

X: Oprah Winfrey

It's not Whoopi Goldberg cos she wasnt the first receipent of the Bob Hopes award neither did she act in the beloved. Though She was the lead in Color Purple, Winfrey was the supporting actress and it was Winfrey who was making her first appearance. As I specifically said, It was a nomination, Goldberg won Best Actress award.

- Vikas

Question # 37 - The power of power

Identify each of them and Connect ! No points for identifying Pic 2 and 3!! :-)

Tore Open by Captain Chandrakant(Welcome back! )
They are Nursultan Nazarbayev, Nikolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, King Abdullah and Jigme Wangchuk..

-- Vikas

Question # 36- Handful, Pocket thick

What did they along with many others make? :) - Let the framing of question not deceive you- so, to put it basically, Connect!

Unattempted, blog is going dry! but then, I guess I should keep going.
Pic 1: Yakko, Wakko and Dot- The Warner Brothers
Pic 2: M.I.A, who won 2008 Grammy award for her single "Paper planes" which features in the Golden Globe winning movie "Slumdog Millionare"
Pic 3: Simon Beaufoy, He won Best screenplay at golden globe for Slumdog Millionare
Pic 4: Logo of Pathe , Distributors of the movie worldwide along with Warner Brothers

- Vikas