Q 144 - Vikky's back :)

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Today's question :)

Just Connect maadi :D

Owners of various IPL teams - I'll give it to Abhiram


Q-144 Check!Tested!Okay!

Today's question is contributed by Rithwik!!

X is named after A even though the actual inventor is B.A is also credited with the invention of Y which was popularized and named after C.

Solve for X,Y,A,B,C


The Wheatstone Bridge (X) is named after WheatStone(A) though the original Inventor is Samuel Christie(B) . But When Wheatstone himself invented the Playfair Cipher(Y), he named it after his friend Lord Playfair(C)




Q-143 For Ever and Ever !!

Today's question is contributed by Rithwik!

A and B are the two possible candidates for X.

Solve A,B,X.


A: Monte Hacho
B: Jebel Musa
X: Pillars of Hercules

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Q-142 Struck by a Rainbow!!!!

Today's question is contributed by Rithwik!!!

Connect and Explain

Answer: HANCOCK!!

Will Smith played the lead role of Hancock in the 2008 blockbuster movie of the same name.

John Hancock was one of the men who signed the Declaration of American Independence!

Cracked by Lordmaldy, Chithananda, Bipin, Abhiram and Captain!

Q-141 Letters from the heart!!!

Today's question is contributed by Rithwik!!

Who is believed to have written this letter and to whom? (Both their names have been blanked out)

Clyde Barrow to Henry Ford!

Cracksters : Chithananda, Bipin, Completebhejafry and Johny Walker

Q-140 Bang on Target!!!!

Today's question is contributed by Rithwik!!


Connect - The Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm, a hip hop album released May 2008 by West Australian hip hop artist Drapht
The Brothers Grimm are two sets of fictional twin comic book supervillains, owned by Marvel Comics and existing in that company's Marvel Universe.
The Brothers Grimm is a 2005 fantasy-comedy film directed by Terry Gilliam. The film stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger in an exaggerated portrait of the Brothers Grimm as traveling con-artists during French occupied Germany in the early 19th century.

Cracked by Bipin!

Q-139 Symbolism!!!!

Today's quesion is contributed by Rithwik!!

What does this depict???

Ans : Illustration of a yogi showing the seven chakras, Kangra school. Late 18th century A.D.

Good work Johny Walker!

Q-138 It's Really Wild!!!!!!

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Connect these Bands.

Connect-Marilyn Monroe

The bands shown in the pics are Marilyn Manson, Misfits, Norma Jean & 7 Year Bitch.

Marilyn Manson - The combination of the forename of Marilyn Monroe and the surname of serial-killer Charles Manson.
Misfits - named after Marilyn Monroe's final film.
Norma Jean - Monroe's real name.
7 Year Bitch — from the Monroe film The Seven Year Itch.

Q 137 -Citius Altius Fortius!!!

Identify and Connect ???

Al Oerter (Discuss Throw),Carl Lewis (long-jump) and Paul Elvstrøm (sailing), the only athletes to win a gold medal in the same individual event for four consecutive Olympics.

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Q 136 - Guitar Broz..

Just tell me the direct connection between the modern day sensation and the legend!

Django Walker of Django Walker band was named after legendary Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt

Cracked by Rithwik!!

Q 135 - Screamer !!

Connect these clubs.. Easy one..

Late uploading only, Am travelling! Sorry!

Borussia Mongdengladbach, Club Brugge, Real Madrid , AS Roma and AC Milan are the clubs which lost to Liverpool the 5 times Reds won the European League.

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Q 134 - Mr. Flirt! :P

Very Easy one for today,

Who are they? What makes them famous?

Kuwait's first women in the Parliament!!

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q 133 - Give me a smoke..

Connect these ladies , using the flower as clue!

Connect: Powerpuff Girls

Cathy Cavadini, Elizabeth Daily and Tara Strong voiced the Powerpuff Girls. The flower is a Buttercup which is the name of one of the Powerpuff Girls :)


Q 132 - Buhaha!!

Simple Q for the day! Todays Q is an idea by Sandeep, er.. :)

Whats this?

The answer I was looking for is Chinese Sex Museum!

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Q 131 - Tear Apart!

Connection batao!

Connect is Wolverine ( Flag of the pennant , Chris Benoit nicknamed "Wolverine" , the animal Wolverine and Troye Sivan who acted as Wolverine in the recent flick! )

Cracked by Captain and Abhiram.. Half credits to Bipin!


Q 130- Smoking is injurious! :)

Super duper easy one.. (Since am not keeping rather well )

2 packs of cigarette- Honouring whom? :)

Simon Bolivar Indeed!

Cracked by Captain, Bhejafry aur Rithwik!! :)


Q 129 - Dine well...

Sirf Connect karne ka!

Flag of Navajo nation
Navajo Churro Sheep
Navajo Sandstone,a geologic formation in the Glen Canyon Group
Mazda Navajo - SUV introduced in 1991

Connect: Navajo!

Cracked by Rithwik, Captain and Bhejafry!


Q 128 - Aakhri Shabd...

Easy one for the day!

Identify and Connect them!

Randy Pausch, Jacques Derrida, Chuck daly and Betty Carter - All fell prey to pancreatic cancer!
You were right on target Captain! :) - and bheja fry, take half credits for the ID's!