# 199 Approching a milestone !

Today's question comes from Rithwik !

The group in A was founded by the guys B and C.

Solve for A , B and C .

Gorillaz(A) was founded by Damon Albam and Jamie Hewlett , B and C respectively.

Cracked by Captain, Deb, Hadi, Subin and Abhiram




Question # 198 - Set it loose! ..

Connect .

Scarecrow, Robot, King Tut , Cobra , Puppet- Varieties of the modern dance form called "Popping" .

Din't notice it nearly co incided with Batman Villians. Hence half a credit for all those who said Batman villains.

0.5 each for Captain, Rithwik and Batman Villains!

Question # 197- Inspiron 3.0

What is this a parodic take on?

* Warning: The following picture contains adult content - Advised to quizzers above 18 years of age.. Rithwik, Stay out *

Little Ego (pictured) is an adult oriented parodic take on the popular series of comic strips "Little Nemo" !

Went uncracked !

Question # 196 - ... Del Vido

Who are the more popular figures missing from the list?

As Captain puts it, The dudes/ dudettes shown are - Sarath Babu , Ankit Fadia, Rahul Mishra, Ishitha Khanna and Mangesh Hadawale .

Hence the missing ones are Blaaze, MC Mary Kom and Nitish Mishra.

Connect , thus , is - MTV Youth Icons 2008!

Cracked by Abhiram, Captain, Rithwik and Subin (welcome to the blog! .. Keep up!)

Question # 195 - Shh..

They were all inspirations for creation of something/someone. What/Who?

Predominantly based on Harold Lloyd(A) , Named after Clark Gable(B) and Kent Taylor( C) .. I'm talking of Clark Kent , or better... SUPERMAN!

Cracked by Captain, Deb and Abhiram!

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Question # 194 - History, real history. .

A and B used C . How?



Martin Wadseemuller(A) and Matthias Ringgman(B) used the name of Amerigo Vespucci (C) to coin the name " AMERICA "!!

Cracked by Captain!

Question # 193- Blum !

Connect these athletes!

Answer :- Grant Hackett (Australia ) -4 records
Ryan Lochte ( USA) - 4 records
Amaury Leveaux ( France) - 3 records
Aaron Peirsol (USA) - 3 records
Cameron Van der Burgh(SA) - 3 records
Paul Biedermann(Germany) - 3 records

Connect: Most number of world records in swimming after Micheal Phelps!

I'll give it to Captain! :)

Question # 192 - On the trail..

Who would link these places?

Cabot Tower in St. John's, Newfoundland

View of rest of Canary Wharf development from Cabot square , London Docklands

Cabot Tower, Brandon hill

Cabot trail in Canada - very popular highway !

All are named after John Cabot, the explorer.

Cracked only by Ricky

Question # 191 - Diamond lads..

A is now B. How?

Stratemayer Syndicate started by Edward Stratemayer (A) , which gave us series' like Hardy Boys and Nancy drew is now owned by Simon & Schuster (B) .

Cracked by Captain and Rithwik only ! Salute ! :D

Question # 190 - Vijayadashami special :)

Exploring a different territory. Connect them (specifically) !

P. V Akilan ( Tamil ) , G Sankara Kurup ( Malayalam) , Kuvempu Venkatappa Gowda Puttappa (Kannada) , Viswanatha Satyanarayana ( Telugu ) - First Jnanpith award winners from each of the four South Indian languages.

Tore open by Captain, Rithwik and Sandeep (via e-mail) !!

Question # 189 - Desmondus ...

Simple. Connect.

Tom Cruse, Stuart Townsend and Hugh Panaro have all played the role of Lestat de Lioncourt, the vampire from Anne Rice's series Vampire Chronicles.

Cracked by Captain, Abhiram, Deb and Rithwik !

Check out : www.ignite-fest.com/quiz ( Vigneshwar's recommendation! )

Question # 188- Navigate...

Today's question comes from Captain . :) .. Check out his amazing blog here

Google Earth Time . Where would one end up if you take the north-east direction and walk for approx 100 metres from the location shown in the pic ?

The location shown is the HQ of the Mozilla foundation and if you follow the directions , ull end up at the HQ of Google and hence the HQ of Google Earth :-)

No cracks! :D ..

Question # 187 - ReBranding !

Originally named after A, it got changed to B few years back! - What am I speaking of?


The technical driving center of the HUNGARORING held former racer Gerard Berger's(A) name from 1998 till 2005 but later it was changed to Allianz ( Shown here is the Allianz Arena)

Too much of arbitness . Hence no cracks. :)

Question # 186 - Antique..

Who would you connect to them?

The Key word is : Mr. and Mrs. Franz Ferdinand/ Their assasination by Gavilo princip
  • Governor Oskar Potiorek - In charge of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's safety
  • The car, 1911 Gräf & Stift Bois de Boulogne tourer, in which he and his wife were travelling at the time of assasination
  • Artstetten Castle, Austria - Home of Mr. and Mrs. Franz Ferdinand- Seen in the commemorative 10 euro coin.
Full credits to Abhiram, Rithwik, Captain, Kaustuba and Anand Shankar ( Welcome! )

Question #185 - What's in a name?

B replaced A. How ? Identify .


The Johannesburg international airport was renamed after Oliver R Tambo(B) from its original name of Jan Smuts(A) airport.

Cracked by Vigneshwar, Captain, Rithwik, Debasish and Kamal Rathi :)

Question # 184 - Over the years..

Simple one for the day.

A and B brought C's creation alive.




Andrew Llyod Webber(A) and Joel Schumacher(B) brought " The Phantom of the Opera" , a book by Gaston Leroux(C) to visual effect via a musical of 1984 and 2005 movie respectively.

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik, Abhiram , Hadi and Kamal Rathi ( full credits inspite of getting Tim Rice wrong)