Question # 242 - Take a bow, SACHIN!

Who? What makes him famous?

One from the world of cricket

Question # 241 - Syringe..

How have they been im mortalised in the medical field?

Heinrich Kluver and Paul Bucy of the "Kluver-Bucy Syndrome" :)



Question # 240 - CUT_COPY_PASTE

What process gets its name from this?


Cracked by Rithwik and Captaine


Question # 239 - Power is mine.

What title/position did they all hold? A was the father of B and B was the father of C.
C is the last known person ever.




The title is : THE KING OF ITALY - They are the last three - Umberto I, Victor Emmanuel III and Umberto II

Brilliant response! Cracked by Ashu, Malcaluffin, Kaushik, Rithwik, buckingfastard and Captaine!


Question # 238 - Constantly Changing

Think Laterally. Order is quite important. Connect.

Answer: Pandit GANGAdhar VIDYAdhar MAYAdhar OMkarnath Shastri aka SHAKTIMAAN!

Too arbit probably :) .. Uncracked!

Question # 237 - Collage!

Join them and tell me what do u get ?

You get the infamous painting 'Las Meninas' which translates to 'The Maids of Honour' by Diego Velasquez :)



Question # 236 - Lacerated

Connect these three gorgeous ladies.

Catherine Keener, Sandra Bullock and Tracey Hoyt have all portrayed HARPER LEE , the author of "To Kill a Mocking Bird" on screen.

Hats off, Captaine!


Question # 235 - Slush..

Just tell me what's this about?

The logo of Vancouver 2010- Inukshuk the Ilanaaq, The Winter Olympic games on top of Whistler mountain in Vancouver, Canada.

Good job Subin, Kaushik!


Question # 234 - Hit me baby!!

Simple one. Who connects?

Connect: Gwen Stefani - She acted in Aviator and Gavin Rossdale(pictured) is her husband .

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik, Hadi and Kaushik!

Question # 233 - Badooom!

What infamous event happened here?

The Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles . Infamous for the assassination of Robert F Kennedy.

Cracked by Chandrakant , Kaushik, Rithwik and Subin


Question # 232 - .. What an Idea sir ji ..

Just connect..

Connect : Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Laud Montgomery .

First pic shows Evelyn Nesbit on whom Anne's face was based. The second pic shows Ann e herself from an animated series . Third pic shows the Green Gable farmhouse in Cavendish and the fourth pic shows Megan Follows who portrayed Anne on Screen.

The Big two are in full force again. Captain and Rithwik it is!


Question # 231 - .. Take a bow...

Question sent in by the winner of Season I- Captain Chandrakant Nair :)

What in modern fiction was inspired by this?

Quoting Kaushik

"The Helicoradian plants in Avatar were based on Spirobranchus giganteus, a species of tube worm common to many seas on Earth. These worms quickly withdraw into their tubes when disturbed."

Cracked by Rithwik and Kaushik :)


Question # 230 - .. Superb ;)..

Simple one . Enough Clues.

Just tell me who follows them?

The answer is Drew Brees , The MVP of the recently concluded Super Bowl. Hines Ward, Peyton Manning, El Manning and Santonio Holmes are the most recent winners before Drew.

Sorry about the mislead Captain. :)

Hit spot on by Captain and Rithwik, the two are back in action :)


Question # 229 - .. Whoosh........

One of A's works , based on the life of B, X was made into a movie directed by someone not so synonymous with that particular field of cinema .

A's works were mostly based on his life experiences and Y is another work of his based on C .

Identify A,B,C,X and Y. (Half points only if you get two)




One of Jon Krakeur's works , based on the life of Christian McCandless, "Into the Wild" was made into a movie directed by Sean Penn.

Jon's works were mostly based on his life experiences and "Into thin air" is another work of his based on "Devils thumb"(C) and "Mt.Everest" .

Brilliant work by Rithwik!


Question # 228 -... Brrrrrrrrrr......

B now holds the record A held for a long time . Identify them and Put funda. :)



Tom Kristensen(B) now holds the world record for Most no. of 24 hours of Le Mans wins , a record held for long by Jacky Ickx(A)

Cracked by Captaine( Welcome bac) and Rithwik

Question # 227 - Path less treaded..

One from the world of Mythology , :)

What is common to these gods/ goddesses from different mythologies?

All I was looking for was the word "Moon". They are all gods representing the moon in various mythologies. They are Artemis , Luna, Chandra and Maya moon goddess.

I will give it to Rithwik. Good work young man !


Question # 226 - .. Cradle..

Pictured here are 4 of the only 5 people with a unique honor. Just tell me what's the honor being talked of !

They are: E.L Koningsburg, Joseph Krumgold, Lois Lowry and Katherine Paterson- who along with George Elizabeth Speare are the only 4 of the 5 authors to have won the "Newbery Medal" on multiple occasions.

Cracked by Kamal Rathi and Rithwik!


Question # 225 - .. Dhum shak Dhum dhum ..

They are the nearest predecessors. Whose the latest?

( Identify atleast two amongst the given pictures for full points)

The answer I was looking for is "Neil Young" , The Winner of MusiCares Person of the Year 2010 , awarded 2 days ago during the 52nd Grammy awards.

Pictured here are previous winners - Aretha Franklin(2008) , Neil Diamond (2009) , Brian Wilson(2005) and Don Henley(2007) .

Great work Vigneshwar! Half points to Rithwik .

Question # 224 - .. Deep rooted ...

A relatively easy one,

X was launched in the year of globalisation in some sort of a ground breaking campaign involving A and B(not pictured) . X is actually a venture between two companies , one of which is linked to C , who himself is a famous individual.

What's X ? Who are A, B and C ? ( Half points for X , Full for getting only all 4 correct) .



"KamaSutra Condoms" (X) were launched in the year 1991 in a ground breaking campaign involving the models Marc Robinson (A) and Pooja Bedi(B) . It's a venture between Ansell. Ltd and the Raymond group . Dr Vijaypat Singhania (C) is the chairman emeritus of the Raymond group of clothing and textiles , and famous for achieveing the highest altitude by anyone on a hot air baloon .

Good try by Ameya . Since the attempts were lack lustre, half points for identifying Marc.