Curtains fall.

Attention , Attention. * Clears throat * :) ...

After one super exciting year of blogging and quizzing , Curtains fall on Season I of quizzing.

I have a zillion people to thank. From a random friend who initiated the thought of a quiz club, my parents for giving me good broadband service :D, my co-authors at various points of time - Sandeep and Rithwik , fellow quizzers who appreciated my efforts and responded to the blog , Wikipedia for enlightening me day in and out , Google for providing image search facilities, magazines like Outlook and India today which have also played a very important role in updating me, my friends as well as dignitaries of THE PQC- Jijith and Rohit , Captain Chandrakant Nair who has been such a role model to look upon , and most of all.... my brother who has always been my lifeline ! I thank you all from the core of my heart . Here, I take a bow !

Now, coming back to the business end of things , These are the standings at the end of Season I( only top 20 mentioned ) .

1. Captaine - 101.5
2. Rithwik K - 81. 5
3. Abhiram - 53.5
4. Jyothi- 38
5. Malcaluffin - 29.5
6. Kamal Rathi - 29
7. Vigneshwar - 22
8. Manjith - 18.5
9. Sreeram - 15
10. Debasish - 13.5 /Bipin 13.5

At 9.5 points , We have Sandeep and Ajay Parasuraman
At 9 points, We have Johny Walker, completebhejafry and Vampire Willy( Vineesh, my bro)
At 8 points , We have Suraj , Jobin, Kaustuba and Shibin Azad.

They complete the top 20. Congrats. You've kept the blog going with ebb . Thanks .

As promised , Captaine and Rithwik will receive awards of Rs. 500 each !!

The blog shall re surface for Season II from September 3rd, 2009. As mentioned earlier, it will be under the new monthly scoring system . Top 5 at the end of each month will get 5,4,3,2 and 1 credits each respectively , which will add up to their season score . That way, we have monthly champions and Season Champs. Season II will award top 3 instead of two. :-) .. and the currencies dispatched "could" be more if economy doesn't further melt down !

So dudes and dudettes , It's been fun .. and I promise it's only going to get better!

So the 3rd of September it is. Till then, Keep quizzing , Rock on . Peace.

Yours truly .

Q 173 - Power Supreme ..

The blog is gonna resurface under the new rules from September 4th onwards. Post onam :)

Who ? Connection?

NBA Commissioners - Maurice Podoloff, Walter Kennedy , Larry O' Brien and David Stern .

Fittingly, Captaine is the only one to crack this. SALUTE!!

Q 172 - Familia..

What connects?

Former President of the USA - William Howard Taft

Author of "The Da Vinci Code" - Dan Brown

Space tourist Dennis Titto

Director Michael Bay

- They are all notable alumni of the college fraternity "Psi Upsilon"

Cracked by Kaustuba, Captain, Rithwik and Kamal Rathi!

Q 171- Random. Very Random.

Sorry for being so arbit . Spare with me and find a connection between these structures.

Casa De Fierro in Peru , Konak Pier in Turkey, The Garabit Viaduct in Massif Central (France) , Nice observatory in France have all been designed by Gustav Eiffel, more famous for the designing of The Eiffel Tower.

Cracked by Rithwik and Kamal Rathi :)

Question # 170 - Beyond the horizon..

According to A, X is the only one of its kind to appear on the B-C diagram.

Crack the unknowns/knowns :)




According to Terry Prachett's (A) Discworld series of books, Great A'Tuin(X) is the only turtle to have featured in the Hertszprung-Russell diagram [ Ejnar Hertszprung(B) and Henry Norris Russell(C) ]

Kaustuba is on a roll here. Credits to Vigneshwar as well.

Q 169 - OMG!

Inaugrated few days back, Where would you find this amazing view point?

The skydeck on level 101 of the Sears Tower, Chicago. Too Sexy.

Cracked by Kaustuba only!

Q 168 - Media hussle ..

Link them.

Richard Lintern , Christopher Lee and Vladek Sheybal have all portrayed Muhammad Ali Jinnah on screen. Dedicated to Jaswant Singh and Bharatiya Janata party :)

Dracula Society's Hamilton Deane award would have been the connect had Richard won it too! :)

Cracked by the comeback kid, Abhiram :)

Q 167 - So Sweet..

Sitter for the day, What connects?

Stephen Fry, Al Gore, Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher are the most followed individuals on Twitter , after Barrack Obama ofcourse.

Cracked by Debasish and Captain.

Our revered Captain has hit a ton on the blog. Take a bow for this whiz wonder. :D -- HATS OFF!

Officially, you have now won the first season of the PQC Blog quiz. Currencies shall arrive :)

Q 166 - Inspiron 2.0

Coat of arms of a city that inspired something much more popular. What?

Coat of arms of Manchester City council inspired the logo of Manchester United Football Club.
Dedicated to all the United fans across the globe, with much hatred. :)

Cracked by Vigneshwar, Debasish, Rithwik and Kaustuba.

Q 165- United we stand. Divided we fall.

Identify these morons. Together , they are ?

Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess and Donald Macleam- along with John Cairncross, they form the Cambridge five- Spies who passed on secrets of the UK to Russia.

Cracked by Debasish and Kaustuba.

Q 164 - Art Galore..

What was A's claim to fame, brought to the light of the current generation by B.


The 2008 Oscar winning documentary , Man on Wire , directed by James Marsh(B) is about the death defying act done by Philippe Petit (A) by walking on a wire between the WTC buildings in the 1974.

Kaustuba , all the way again. Salut!

Q 163... Oh goshh..

This year, A and B will be what C and D were last year.

Identify and Explain.





Billy Bush(A) and Claudia Jordan(B) will be the Master of Ceremonies at Miss Universe 2009 to be held this week at Nassau, Bahamas.
Jerry Springer(C) and Melanie Brown(D) were the MoC's during the last edition .

Brilliant work by Kaustuba. Take a bow. Please check out his blog ( link in comments)

New scoring system - From Sep 1 2009

Hey fellow bloggers and quizzers ,

With effect from September 1 , 2009 - The blog shall have a new scoring system .

Most importantly, August 31st 2009 marks the end of season 1. As it was promised, attractive prizes shall come home to the top 2 quizzers , mostly in the form of paper(s) with the face of our beloved Mahatma engraved on it .. :D .

As for Season 2, there shall be a completely new scoring system. Each month shall be treated seperately. At the end of each month , The top 5 will get 5, 4 , 3 , 2 and 1 credits each . When the season terminates , the person with most credits walks away gets the honours ! Take it like the formula-1 scoring system . As for the monthly winners , they shall be treated with due reverence in the blog :D

Opinions welcome . :)

Yours truly


Q 162- Honourificus..


Dilip Kumar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani , King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and Hu Jintao- The latest foreign receipents of Nishan-e-Pakistan, the highest Pakistani honour.

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik and Debasish.

Q 161 - Amorous ..

Identify these medals/orders , and connect to the person pictured.

Victoria Cross, The Order of the bath , Most Eminent order of the Indian empire were medals held by George MacDonald Fraser's creation Brigadier General Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE

Captain and Kamal Rathi gets full credits .

Debasish, Vigneshwar and Raklodrama gets half a point each . Good effort guys. :)

Q 160- Rarity..

A for B and C for D - The only instances of _________ . Id A-D and fill the blank .





1920 and 1956 Olympics were the only two instances when Events of the same Olympics were held in two different countries.

1920 - Antwerp olympics , finals of the sailing event was held in the Netherlands as the only two competitors were from that country.

1956 - Equistranian event was held in Stockholm instead of Melbourne due to quarantine regulations.

Cracked by kamal rathi, Kaustuba and Captain!

Q 159 - Babble , Gabble !

What would you link the following visuals to?

Connect is NTT Docomo

  • Docomodake, the official mascot of Docomo , now a celebrity in Japan
  • JRD Tata, the connect to which is obviously Tata Docomo
  • Official Govt. seal of Japan , also known as Nippon for which N in NTT stands for!
Cracked by Captain, Rithwik, Kamal Rathi, Debasish and Vampire Willy !!