Q 153 - From No man's land ..

What distinction connects these athletes?

Clue: One more person is present in this exclusive list, too old for a good pic :)

Mats Wilander , Gustavo Kuerter , Gastion Gaudio and Marcel Bernard(Pic not shown) are the only "Unseeded winners at Roland Garros" :D

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Q 152 - Tata Young.. :)

Connect maadi.

Connect: Editors of Vogue magazine - Diana Vreeland , Grace Mirabella and Anna Wintour

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Q 151.. Work it out.. :)

This one is different. It can be worked out. What connects?

They are movies that have used ' Mount Rushmore ' in their defining scenes.

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Q 150- Hit or miss!

He was in the newspapers recently. What's his claim to fame?

He has the ability to talk to birds. He threatened the Nepal Goverment that if they do not help him in getting to the guiness book of world records, he would block airports by using his ability. Name Sampokta.

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Q 149 - Suno Sunao.

Connect. Really, Just connect! :)

Quartz, Corona , Polaris and Aurora - Codenames of Windows Media player Series :) ..

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Q 148 - Shivering ..

A served as the inspiration for B who was voiced by C.

Identify A,B and C !!



Samuel L Jackson(C) voiced the character of FroZone(B) in "The Incredibles" . FroZone was inspired by the world record holding Speed Skater Shani Davis(A).

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Question # 147 - @*#%)!!

What unique distinction connects these movies?

Alpha Dog, Summer of Sam , Twin Town, Running Scared , Martin Lawrence Live: Runteladt - Movie that use the F word more than 300 times . Also in the list are the movies Fuck, Casino and Nil by Mouth

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Question # 146 - Back .. FINALLY !!

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After a long lay off- Thanks to hectic schedule and personal issues , I'm back with my blog. It will air questions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday . A Sunday question might be added as well .

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Simple one, to start it off .

In the memory of who/what are the following monuments?

They are monuments built in the memory of those who lost their lives in THE CHERNOBYL DISASTER

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