Question # 225 - .. Dhum shak Dhum dhum ..

They are the nearest predecessors. Whose the latest?

( Identify atleast two amongst the given pictures for full points)

The answer I was looking for is "Neil Young" , The Winner of MusiCares Person of the Year 2010 , awarded 2 days ago during the 52nd Grammy awards.

Pictured here are previous winners - Aretha Franklin(2008) , Neil Diamond (2009) , Brian Wilson(2005) and Don Henley(2007) .

Great work Vigneshwar! Half points to Rithwik .


Anonymous said...

Beyonce Knowles ,Grammy Awards

They are Aretha Franklin , brian wilson , don henley


Vigneshwar said...

id :aretha franklin neil diamond don henley brian wilson
connect : musicares
next is neil young