Question # 224 - .. Deep rooted ...

A relatively easy one,

X was launched in the year of globalisation in some sort of a ground breaking campaign involving A and B(not pictured) . X is actually a venture between two companies , one of which is linked to C , who himself is a famous individual.

What's X ? Who are A, B and C ? ( Half points for X , Full for getting only all 4 correct) .



"KamaSutra Condoms" (X) were launched in the year 1991 in a ground breaking campaign involving the models Marc Robinson (A) and Pooja Bedi(B) . It's a venture between Ansell. Ltd and the Raymond group . Dr Vijaypat Singhania (C) is the chairman emeritus of the Raymond group of clothing and textiles , and famous for achieveing the highest altitude by anyone on a hot air baloon .

Good try by Ameya . Since the attempts were lack lustre, half points for identifying Marc.


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Kaushik said...

A - Marc Robinson

B - Salman Khan

X - Artracadabra

C - Dr. DY Patil