Question # 234 - Hit me baby!!

Simple one. Who connects?

Connect: Gwen Stefani - She acted in Aviator and Gavin Rossdale(pictured) is her husband .

Cracked by Captain, Rithwik, Hadi and Kaushik!


Chandrakant said...

Gwen Stefani

Married to Gavin Rossdale ( B ) and played the role of Jean Harlow in 'The Aviator' ( A )

Chandrakant said...

will be out of action for copl o days cos am shifting base 2 Trivandrum tmw

Kaushik said...

Gavin Rossdale - husband of Gwen Stefani - who acted in the movie Aviator. Connection is Gwen Stefani

Anonymous said...

A - The Aviator
B - Gavin Rossdale
Connect - Gwen Stefani
named her after a stewardess in the 1968 novel Airport and wife of B


Hadi said...

Aviator and Gavin Rossdale - His wife Gwen Stefani was named after a character in Airport- Arthur Haley.